About Emily Koopman & Mora Mora Photography

mora mora
mɔ́rə mɔ́rə
malagasy exclamation
take it easy

Hello, hello! It looks like you’ve stumbled upon my photography page. Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Emily Koopman, I’m a 24-year-old freelance, self-taught photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, so I’ve spent the last few years honing the craft, in hopes other people will like what I produce. The name “Mora Mora” comes from a saying I learned on a trip to Madagascar; it’s an expression the locals use, essentially meaning “take it easy” (the literal translation being “slowly, slowly”). Though photography is often fast paced, I like to remind myself to take my time in order to get the best possible shot — hence, Mora Mora Photography. There isn’t really anything I don’t love photographing, but my portfolio suggests that I favor travel, wildlife, and live events. I’ve been lucky enough to be embraced by the local Vancouver drag community, which has been incredibly fun and rewarding. Aside from photography, I spend a lot of my time writing screenplays, studying geography, traveling, and watching far more film and television than I should. I’d love for you to get in touch — and you can do so by emailing me at emilyrkoopman[at]!